Sample prints

This page shows some sample prints of different types of objects.

These are all actual prints I made on my modified Creatr (with the Zabana nozzle cooler and the spring loaded extruder mechanism). No 'post processing' like acetone treatment has been performed on these prints.

Gridded Globe

A challenging item to print. Printed in PLA (orange since that is the only color I have).


Tree Frog

This is the well known tree frog.

It is of course a must try on any printer from Leapfrog.
Printed in bright green ABS.


Skull with Pointed Teeth

I found this skull through this page on the Leapfrog forum. It was printed by Desolationism and the results were one of the best I have seen before.

Sliced using KISSlicer 1.0.9 with a 0.2mm layer height and a 20% infill. Printed in black and grey ABS from


Venus of Milo

This is a print of the buste of the Venus of Milo. This model is one of the sample STL files that is provided by Deskproto is the ideal prototyping software for milling machines.

Sliced using KISSlicer 1.0.9 with a 0.25mm layer height and a 20% infill. Printed in neutral/white ABS from


Spring Loaded Extruder

These are some parts for my spring loaded idler, a modification for the Creatr I shared on Thingiverse (Thing: 62468).
This is the version 2 redesign I made.

Slicer with KISSlicer 1.0.9 with 0.25mm layer height and printed in Bright Green ABS from


Sample prints that failed

Here are some sample prints that failed to complete or for which I stopped the print job for some reason.

Too thin ?

When parts of a print in progress break away, a lot of loose filament is produced and that will eventually also ruin the rest of the print.


Filament stuck on spool

The filament was placed on top of the Creatr and got somehow stuck on the spool.
This resulted in the spool falling on top of the print in progress and since the filament was really stuck, the printer continued without filament.