Filament Clip

When I started printing, I had just one roll of filament and I printed everything in that one color.
But not long after, I wanted to make my objects stand out and use different colors and i ended up with a few spools that had the filament all tangled up and using tape to keep the spools from unrolling was not that good an idea: when the tapes gets older the glue tends to stick to the filament.

But then I found this great idea: a clip at the edge of the spool holding the filament in place when not used. I had to adapt the design to fit the spools I have and printed a few of them.
In the end I created a whole bunch of those, since each clip takes just about 10cm of filament this is a very nice way to use those small pieces of filament that were cut of the spools that were tangled (and they make a nice give away item at 3D printing events too Wink)

The clip is available at Thingiverse (as Thing:62223) and it fits the spools from Leapfrog as well as the ones from ReprapWorld.

ColorFabb Filament Clip

This is a version of the clip for the spools used by ColorFabb