Power Supply

Each project needs power and most of the time this means some kind of a battery or a small wall-adapter. When a project is used 'on the bench' it is good to have a proper power supply with both voltage and current regulation.
Eleshop has different power supplies ranging from single supply cheap units with analog meters up to very expensive programmable power supplies that can even be controlled by a PC.
I got an eye on something in the middle: a Troniq PSU303DX2 with dual 30V 3A outputs (with voltage and current regulation) and an extra fixed 5V output for quick logic experiments.


Troniq PSU303DX2 review

Tjalling, maybe better known by his ham callsign PE1RQM, wrote a nice review about this supply. For those of you who don't read Dutch there are at least the pictures of the supply.
He checked the PSU for ripple and noise on the power output (with both light and heavy loads) and with 2-5 mV noise on the output I think this  is very nice and good enough for all of my projects.

The cabinet is good and reading his review it feels like a stable built. The inside is something different, it's okay for a bench supply but I would not use this as a power supply for 'on the road' or mobile use.

The voltage is adjusted using a multi turn potentiometer, the current uses a standard 1-turn (270°) style potentiometer.