LPCXpresso pinout of Base Board and modules

All LPCXpresso modules share a common layout with 2x27 pin headers.
This makes it possible to mount all LPCXpresso modules (and the mbed module) on the LPCXpresso Base Board or the LPCXpresso Prototype Board.

Since the different LPC1xxx processors have the special functions like SPI, I2C or PWM on different pins, the pinning of the modules is different. So these modules don't have P0.0, P0.1 etc at the same connector locations but the layout is such that the special functions like SPI, I2C and PWM are at the same connector locations. This enables us to use different modules on the same base board.

Especially when using the LPCXpresso modules on an LPCXpresso Prototype Board or when attaching extra I/O to the expansion connectors of the LPCXpresso Base Board it is usefull to know which pin names on the base boards connect to which pins on the LPCXpresso modules.
The base boards reference the names as used on the LPCXpresso 1343 module, the overview below compared all other modules to this one.

lpcxpresso-pinning.pdf Connector layout of the LPCXpresso modules

lpcxpresso-baseboard-pinning.pdf Connector layout of the expansion connector of Embedded Artist's LPCXpresso Base Board