Connecting a JTAG debugger

The LPC1xxx chips have a JTAG/SWD interface available for attaching a debugger probe.
Probes like the LPC-Link or Red Probe+ are able to use both the SWD and JTAG standards for debugging. All chips start in SWD mode by default and only switch to JTAG when it is switched into JTAG mode.

The SWD interface uses less signals than JTAG. To connect from an LPC-Link or Red Probe+ device to an LPCXPresso module, you only need the SWCLK, SWDIO and Gnd signals. Optionally also connect the RESET signal.

See the images below for the conctions of the 10- and 20-pin JTAG connectors.

More information is available on the Code Red Support site.