NEO6M GPS module

There is a long list of GPS modules you can use but the uBlox NEO6M has very good specs and is widely available for low prices. I bought a module from TinyTronics for just € 19,00

A cold start time of just 27 seconds, 1 second hot-start, a sensivity of -161 dBm and a configurable time pulse from 0.25 to 1000 Hz are just a few of the features that make this module a nice to have.

Even indoors with a lock to just one satellite is enough to result in time/date output. Who needs DCF77 when you can do much better with a GPS receiver Smile

After connecting with this module for the first time, it will take about half a minute before satellites are beig found. But even indoors in the concrete building where my workshop is located it does not take long to get a fix to just one satellite, resulting in the following output:


 The GPGSV (GPS Satellite View) line shows that we only see one satellite (09) with 25 dBHz. This is a very low signal but still enough to show the time (21:08:31 UTC) in the GPRMC and GPGLL messages.

After some time I even see 2 satellites (06 and 09):


That's all for now, we need to go outdoors to see more.Meanwhile, start reading the protocol Specification for the uBlox 6 family. Start reading the NMEA protocol section (chapter 16 - 21 starting at page 49). It is most likely this is all you need to get up and running.