Platform1754 is my new lpc1754 platform. It consists of a hardware reference and a software environment.

Please note that this is all still under heavy development. There is no hardware reference PCB nor schematics, currently there is only the LPC1754 target that is the base for further development.

The software is being made available soon, ready for testing on the first perf-board version of the Platform hardware.

Software specifications

The software consist of a FreeRTOS port, a number of drivers and a test application.

Drivers are RTOS aware and together with the FreeRTOS port this is the base for multiple applications.
The test application is there to prove the functional working and fitness for use of the complete software environment.

Hardware specifications

  • LPC1754 microcontroller
    128 kB Flash, 32 kB RAM
  • USB interface
    A standard mini-B plug, the board can be powered from the host via this USB port.
    Includes the soft-connect feature and (optional) an LED to show the connect status.
  • FT232 USB-Serial option
    A USB-Serial bridge can be connected to UART0 giving access to the ISP port.
  • SD Connector
    Either an SD or micro-SD slot is available (only one can be mounted), switchable power supply to the SD card is optional
  • On board 3.3V LDO regulator
    When powered over USB, the board will be powered via this regulator. External power can be applied directly to the 3.3V line or via the LDO (5V input)
  • 128x64 LCD module and 5-key interface
    A 128x64 LCD module with back light and 5 separate keys to be used for a user interface.
    The LCD module can be placed to suit both 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock preferred view.
  • Small form factor
    With a board size of ~8 x 6 cm (w x h) it can be used in product prototypes allowing a small form factor of the housing.
  • All I/O available on pin headers
    All I/O signals are available on pin headers for easy access, the board can be mounted on a standard 100 mill perf-board.
  • JTAG connector debug jumpers, switches and LED
    A standard JTAG connector, jumpers for switching off certain board functions and optional mounted switches for Reset and SPI pins.