Venus of Milo

This is the buste of the Venus of Milo, the famous statue at the Louvre museum in France.

The model was provided by for their prototyping software for milling machines.

It was sliced using KISSlicer 1.0.9 with a 0.25mm layer height and printed in natural/white ABS.
Since the model does not have a complete flat surface, support material is used for the first 1 mm. Also, this model was printed on a raft that sticks out 3mm on each side.

On this close up you can see that the chin of the model looks a bit rought.
No support structures were used to support this (I had a perfect smooth model on my other printer) and this rough finish is due to sagging of the material while printing. Apparently the overhang is just a bit too much.

Also visible is the 'banding' or 'striping' due to the M8 spindles not being completely straight.

Here the sagging at the chin area is even better visible.
There is also some discoloration, which I think is caused by burned filament that was left at the nozzle from a previous print.

Also, note the little black spots at a few places: my previous color was black and after printing Venus I discovered there were some black scrapings left in the extruder. Some of those have been captured by the white filament and mixed in. Since the white is actually neutral (no pigments added), these little stray 'pigment bombs' result in spots on the printed model.

I had a lot of problems wit the solid top infill on my printer. With slic3r and a low infill (<25%) I had a lot of holes.
After cleaning the extruder and nozzle things are much better but a very smooth top infill is still a challenge.

KISSlicer has a very nice feature: the infill is gradually increased when the top solid infill is reached, resulting in a very smooth infill.

Not visible on the photo is a very tiny hole in the hair knot.