Tree Frog

This is the tree frog that stood model for the Leapfrog logo.
The STL is available on Thingiverse (Thing: 18479).

It has been sliced using KISSlicer 0.9.7 at a 0.25 mm layer height and printed in bright green ABS and in Taulman 618 nylon.

The overhang at the belly is more than 45º and that is just a bit too much so there is a bit of material missing here.

Note: I have later rotated the frog 90° such that it now looks to the back of the Creatr. This allows more air to be blown on the belly during cooling and then the overhang prints perfect as well.




The tree frog printed in Taulman 618 nylon.

This was just a quick test for the Taulman filament done at the exact same settings as used for ABS.
I still need to tqeak some settings. The nylon oozes a bit and due to iets material properties it runs threads between different sections that are printed.

The missing left leg shows that although Taulman Nylon is very strong it has its limitations: the leg broke away when I removed the frog a bit too roughly from the bed.

Looking at the surface finish at the back of the frog this looks very good. Both the perimeters and the top infill looks nice.

The little holes at the top of the eyes are due to the 10s minimum layer time set in KISSlicer. As soon as printing went here I knew that I had forgotton something ... The nozzle stays way too long at a small section and the nylon just melts down.

The belly of the beast ...
Again a lot of threading visible but then, the Taulman nylon is to be used for 'technical' parts and not for these kind of objects. I actually think that this is a real stress test for the material and the results is still very good, despite of the defects shown.