Test & Measurement

If you are developing an embedded microcontroller project you are bound to need some test equipment.

Ranging from a digital multimeter, branded 'el cheapo', up to expensive high bandwith portable oscilloscopes with FFT functions and more. There are companies who have large man-size 19" racks full of professional equipment that all connect to computers with extra software to anaylze things.

Do we need all this for our projects?
No, there is a lot available on the market that is cheap(er) and does the trick as well as the more advanced equipment. At some points it may even outperform the professional equipment.

Here I will present some of the equipment that I own or have on my wish list.
I'll try to give a good view of what is and what is not possible.

We have to build stuff too

If you are just using a standard embedded target like an embedded Linux board or a small single board computer that hooks up to standard I/O you might be lucky; there are enough shops that sell everything you need ranging from boards and cables up to nice boxes in which to mount everything.

But if you are making parts of this yourself you will need at least a simple bread board, mount some components on a perf board or even produce your own circuit boards (or have them produced for you).
During my professional career as an engineer in embedded systems I have seen and used a lot of different equipment, resulting in my own personal collection of hobby equipment with which you can perform almost as good as a professional.