Skull with Pointed Teeth

This skull was downloaded from Thingiverse (Thing: 31998) and scaled down to 37.5%. Resulting in an object of 3.5 x 6.5cm, being 5 cm tall.

I first printed this in black but this is hard to protograph well so I ended up making a second print in grey.
I used a new nozzle specifically designed for ABS (0.4mm with 2mm long channel). With this nozzle I get better results than with the original nozzle. Less dripping/oozing, bridger works better and overhanging sections show no loose filaments at the bottom.

I sliced this using KISSlicer. KISS does not know about 'nozzle' sizes, it only refers to 'extrusion width' and I set both the perimeter and infill to 0.4mm. The infill used is 20% and printing time is about 1h20m.

This is the first print I made in black ABS.
It looks very good but after printing the grey version I discovered the same defects that are clearly visible in that object in the black one also.

This front view shows the reason why a smaller layer height might be better with smaller objects.
I printed using a 0.2mm layer height but the eye pockets show some major stepping on the bottom (and yse, photographing from below this does show up even worse on the photo than this is in real life).

This close up shows some nice details in this print.
There are some little holes in the nose and the eye pockets.

Also note the two very little spots in the nose pocket and on top of the nose. This looked like a drip from the extruder but when I examined the G-code I discovered there are actually very small pieces still being printed here.

Do remember that each layer you see is just 0.2mm high and these triangles are smaller than 1mm.

Very good finish on the top. The top layer looks a bit smudged, I think this may be due to the minimum layer time of 10s.

The back of the skull show absolutely no problems with the overhanging sections.
This comes out exactly the same as the model.