LoRaWAN nodes

The Sodaq boards are nice boards. Their Sodaq ONE board is a very nice board. It combines a GPS, a LoRa module and an Arduino Zero compatible controller on a very small board (40x25mm). These are very nice boards for some sensors we are developing for TheThingsNetwork Nijmegen.

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LoRaWAN - Long Range Wide Area Network is the IoT solution I am currently involved in.

There are multiple networks being built right now: commercial, open and private networks are being developed by a number of organizations. TheThingsNetwork is one of the open LoRaWAN networks being developed right now.

This page will be filled with the information I have about network, gateways and nodes.

Information about gateway and nodes will be placed here, please check back in a few days or so (after June 7, 2016) for more information