Makerpoint Arnhem

As Sander Smit, co-founder of MakerPoint will tell you: "MakerPoint brings 3D technology to you". I would phrase this a bit different but I can not find the proper words for this.

MakerPoint makes 3D 'technology' available for the common public, for all of us, and they do this through both an online and an offline store. The online store is a mix of all things 3D: 3D jewelry, gifts, toys, printers, software, filament and 3D scanners and worth a visit. If you want the full experience, you must go to Arhnem and pay them a visit to find out that this has nothing to do with 'technology' by itself.
The front part of the store is dedicated towards the jewelry, gifts and toys. Ae you looking for some nice jewelry for your girlfriend or wife or just looking for some nice jewelry to stand out of the crowd then you must have a look at this. Yes, you can see all the jewelry in the online store but to get the real experience you should see this yourself in Arnhem.
The back of the store is reserved for the 3D printers, filaments and more. Do you own a 3D printer, are you looking to buy one or do you want to have something 3D printed yourself? Then this is where you should go.

Testing Simplify3D

I had already heard some rumours about Simplify3D, a new all-in-one 3D printing software program that is said to outperform others. A few days ago Leapfrog sent out a newsletter announcing that the Creatr is now supported in this program and it is now also available in the Leapfrog webshop.

Leapfrog is very enthousiastic: "amazing 3D prints", "unmatched print capabilities" and "make amazing prints, as compared to other software" but before spending € 89,- (ex. VAT) on this software I like to see some results myself.

So I contacted Lucas and he was kind enough to let me use his own license to do some testing before looting my bank account.