Adding an LCD screen to the Raspberry Pi

I recently picked up a 10.1"LCD screen from DealExtreme. This is a 1280x800 screen with interface board. I recommend this one above the 7" version. On the 7" screen everything is a bit too small to read comfortably.

Getting the LCD to work

I initially had some problems getting the LCD to work on the Pi, it was not auto-selecting the HDMI interface when connected. I figured out that you have to press the mode button until you see "HMDI" jn the top right corner of the LCD.

After this, the LCD just works.

7" Touch screen LCD

An even nicer display that is currently available is the 7" touchscreen LCD from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. This LCD contains an interface board that connects to the display connector on the Pi itself and includes spaces such that the Pi can be mounted on the back of the LCD module.

The module is delivered with all mounting hardware and even includes a few wires with Dupont connectors to power the Raspberry Pi board from the LCD module (or the LCD from the Raspberry Pi).

LCD case

There is a wide number of different cases available for the LCD module. Which one you choose depends completely on the application. I like the SmartiPi Touch case (sold by Kiwi Electronics). For less that €30 you get a nice case that has lots of features and Kiwi even throws in the Lego compatible camera housing from SmartiPi for free Laughing.

If you like this, have a look at the other SmartiPi cases at Kiwi Electronics. They also have a Lego compatible case that holds just the Raspberry Pi and the camera module.

On the rear, the GPIO pins are accessible and additional mounting holes with threaded inserts even allow the mounting of a shield.

This seems a good case for those experimental projects where you want the Raspberry Pi/Touchscreen combination with the option of adding some stuff yourself.