Embedded Systems

My first computer was a 6502 based system from Elektor, a virtual clone of the KIM-1. Not a real embedded system but also not a computer as we know them today.

Through the years I worked with a lot of different microcontrollers and processors. The first 'real' embedded target used a 8048 with an external EPROM and the EPROM was programmed by hand using an array of switches and a 555 timer for the programming pulse. I have used a lot of different processors during the last 30 years: 8080, Z80, 6802, 68000, InMos transputers (T2/T4/T8xx) and the whole range of ARM 7/9/10/11 and Cortex M0/M3 variants. The last 15 years I focussed mainly on the ARM processors.

This part of my sites shows some of the projects I did or am still working on.